About Chez Ntemba

Chez Ntemba International is a nightclub of international recognition and standard, The international brand consists of 41 clubs around the world.

Within South Africa the night club can be found situateded off Long Street, in the heart of Cape Town’s nightlife.

The club strives to enhance and excite the night life and it is renowned for bringing the best in African, and modern music together.

The brand has created a popular franchise across Africa, thats appealing to the mature and fun absorbing african society and others interested in breaking it down in an internationally mixed environment.

Live performances, sound of an exceptional high standard, great service and a variety in both cultural and entertainment aspects is what makes Chez Ntemba distinctive in the world of entertainment.

In addition, Chez Ntemba Cape Town has introduced VJ-ing, this practice involves music video mixing being shown live on screens through the duration of the night.The club has a unique vibe thats amplified by adding tempting sounds from live acts and guest features from around the world which include performances by some of Africa’s most talented artists like Fally iPupa, The Professor, Black Motion Dj Sbu and Dj Waxxy, to name but a few. Chez Ntemba offers an opportunity to mingle with the “in-crowd” in the mother city and other major cities internationaly.

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