Resident DJs

Vj Vybez (Video Jockey)


3Started off in 2007 as a regular club deejay at Stars Night Club in Harare Zimbabwe.
Got a vast interest in Video mixing & became the first & only Veejay in Zimbabwe till relocating to Johannesburg, South Africa late 2008.

Got to play at high profile clubs amongst them Taboo, Moloko(now Hush), The Inc before a short stint on Channel O shows Oboma & The 411.

Upon Relocating to Cape Town in 2011 & playing at Chez Ntemba, Vj Vybez got to be associated with personal sponsorship by Vitamin Water from New York, Red Bull & being dressed by South Africa’s finest HeadHoncho.



Hiring of Vj Vybez has been solely on a video mixing basis & nothing less hence the quick rise in the Capetonian deejaying industry.

Check out his social media pages for his latest mixes.

Twitter: @VjVybez
Facebook: Vj Vybez
YouTube: Vj Vybez




 DJ Krys

Dj/Vj Krys was born on the 14th of February 1986 in Lubumbashi the second city of DRC .


He started off his Dj career in 2006 in lubumbumbashi DRC before he relocated to Cape Town,South Africa in 2009.

Confidence is what defines him.

Krys prides himself as KING OF AFRICA, he always takes an event in the right direction for both guests and clients. He is one of the Dj’s who can deal and accomodate any type of crowd, able to read his audience and switch to their specific needs or preference.N42A6187

Dj-Krys is one amongst many others who is very rare when it comes to being a Dj, he easily makes his crowd travel the world of music during is set as he can make you dance to something that you have never heard or ever thought of dancing to before.
As stated above in the different genres he plays his set includes multiple genres including music from the 80’s, 90’s to current hits Afro beat – hip hop, soul/rnb, reggae, reggaeton, dancehall, house music, deep tech, Afro pop‎, & more.

So, whether you want those head banging tunes, some soothing soulful jazz, or perhaps you want to rewind & turn back the hands of time with some old school jams – Dj Krys is your man! Party with no regrets.

N42A7171Instagram: @djkrysmbk

Twitter: @djkrysmbk

Facebook: dj krys

Youtube: djkrymbk



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